PANACEA,  seeks a sustainable future for natural resources through community involvement, government and industry partnerships, and innovative on-ground delivery.
We are connected with  community-based business that sources and coordinates investment in activities that help to a sustainable future and restores natural resources for the benefit of future generations.
PANACEA act as an intermediary between the interested buyers, in form of investors, cooporation members on the one side and on the other side all levels of government, community and industry in order to make the connections, secure financial support, coordinate activities, provide technical and scientific advice and administrative support to deliver measurable, long-term outcomes for our natural resources.
This generation holds in trust, for the next and future generations, the things we need to sustain us and the environment in which we live, work and enjoy recreationally.


PANACEA Ecosystem Services are the goods and services provided by natural (and semi-natural) ecosystems that benefit, sustain and support the well-being of people.
They include the production of food and medicines, the regulation of climate and disease, provision of productive soils and clean water, and landscape opportunities for recreation and spiritual benefits.
Ecosystem services are fundamental to the maintenance of a healthy economy. Geographic areas that provide ecosystem services comprise vital ‘green infrastructure’ for any region.
For too long in industrial economies, ecosystem services have been inadequately recognized and hence undervalued. When ecosystem services are lost they can be extremely - or even prohibitively - costly to reproduce.
In response to a growing interest in ecosystem services and their role in supporting the economic, environmental, social and cultural sustainability ,
PANACEA  has been working with expert panels and technical working groups to develop a framework for ecosystem services.
The PANACEA Ecosystem Services Framework is based on the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment established by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

The PANACEA Ecosystem Services Framework approach has been to:

  • assess available data describing the environmental and ecological resources  ;
  • identify and map the ecosystem functions   
  • establish relationships between ecosystem functions and services;
  • map ecosystem services   
  • identify the benefits (constituents of well-being) and beneficiaries of ecosystem services  ; and
  • explore processes and techniques for evaluating benefits in various planning, management and policy-making contexts.


Mapping ecosystem services will:
a) help decision makers identify losses and benefits of further development and areas where offsets might apply 
b) help in assessing the sustainability of current and future regional plans and
c) assist natural resource and land managers to maintain ecosystem service provision over time.
The Regional Landscape and Open Space Advisory Committee (who provide specialized advice to the Regional Planning Minister) have recently endorsed the interim approach taken by the project and its list of ecosystem functions.
More generally, applications of the Ecosystem Services Framework can include:

  • informing the review of the Regional Plan;
  • identifying strategic locations for offsets, rehabilitation and restoration, and climate change mitigation sites;
  • identifying potential alternative land uses with multiple values in non-urban areas; and
  • guiding the regional application of federally funded ecosystem services and natural resource management schemes.

In 2012, work will include finalizing the ecosystem services maps; identifying where and by whom ecosystem service benefits are received; using historical data to identify changes in ecosystem service provision; identifying relationships between ecosystem services and constituents of human well-being; and applying the framework to specific case studies.
Individuals from government and non-government organizations have participated in the Project to date.
The PANACEA Ecosystem Services Project has received financial support from the Federal Government,  Government agencies (Department of Infrastructure and Planning & Environmental Protection Agency) and   City Council.

Technical support has also been received from Brisbane Regional Environment Council and Universities.


PANACEASs Landcare brand is a grassroots movement supporting people to create sustainable, vibrant and well resourced communities.

PANACEAs Landcare is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that assists PANACEAs Landcare Groups in the respective area with access resources, funding and support for their conservation and land management activities.
Our primary objectives are to:

  1. Manage corporate sponsorship and philanthropic funds for landcare projects;
  2. Provide up to date information about grants and funding, resources, research and network news relevant to leonardos landcare groups in the state; and
  3. Enhance the ‘PANACEAs Landcare brand through advertising, events, marketing and public relations activities, in conjunction with on-ground PANACEAs landcare groups.

To really look after the environment, people need information, support and financial assistance to make the right choices.


Our GIS service provides local councils, industry, Leonardos Landcare, catchment and community groups with satellite imagery and overlay data free of charge to assist with the planning of natural resource management projects.
Working in the same way as Google Maps (where satellite images are overlaid with street maps) our GIS service can overlay images to show, for example, property boundaries, information about cleared areas, remnant bushland, wildlife corridors, stream paths, erosion hot spots, land development status and council zoning areas.
The overlay information integrates information from state, regional and local authorities, providing the most comprehensive picture available of conditions on the ground. 
It provides planners, policy makers and landholders with a powerful and seamless planning tool that is not limited by jurisdictional or catchment boundaries to determine priorities and actions to address land and water resource issues.


Australia Queensland Gold Coast

live amidst nature in an inspirational community

Awarded as the World’s finest example of sustainable residential living, The Ecovillage at Currumbin offers something inspirational ... the chance to live a natural lifestyle within a vibrant community atmosphere amidst one of Australia’s most liveable cities.

Escape the madness of suburban life and come live in Australia’s greenest location. Nestled within picturesque Currumbin Valley and with world heritage rainforests providing a lush back drop, just 7 minutes and 7km from some of the Gold Coast’s most exceptional beaches and comprehensive services, The Ecovillage sits, amidst paradise but near to all urban facilities.


France, Pyrénées-Atlantiques

Underground 5 star luxury hotel in France, 80 km from Biarritz
A new unique kind of luxury, there will be in France. The French want no expense or effort afraid this plan a reality. With the star architects from Biarritz, this plan will become reality.

For there the first luxury hotel will be built underground. A large spa area, 20 rooms as quiet havens. But ECOLOGICAL way.



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